“Big Bill Hill” 1967 – Oak Park’s Finest

This is a great find for your listening enjoyment…

I way overslept on this blog, “Stepfather of Soul”.  A friend of mine put me up on this one, and I think you should take a leap as well.  If you do, check out this great show from “Big Bill Hill” off of Oak Park’s WOPA in 1967.

This show is primo R&B, Stax, and blues from the late ’60, which is the last of the golden era of the blues.  Check out the show from this post here.

WOPA had a wide range of time-brokered programming.  What’s cool is to not only listen to Hill’s “Shopping Bag Show” show, which throws me back to the images of copping brown bags from the Jewel on North Ave., but also to hear Hill’s self-created ads that promote Cattletown Meats on West Roosevelt and a future local battle of the blues featuring Little Milton, Bobby Rush, Otis Rush (incorrectly touted as Bobby’s little brother), Howlin’ Wolf, and Shakey Jake.

This blog‘s info is hot and greased as a spiced pork-chop.  Get a bite, and do the “Sock-It-To-Me Boogaloo”