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Hoops Writings

"Hoops Writings" - Tar Heel Articles by Bret Dougherty, 2003-2006

"Be True to Your School" - I have a passion for basketball, and I've been expressing my views on issues concerning basketball and culture by writing at Tar Heel

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"Cotton" - BD


"The Once and Future Curator", Interview with Bill Adler; Featured in Waxpoetics Issue #11, 2005

During a hot Friday morning in New York City, I interviewed former Def Jam publicist and hip-hop historian, Bill Adler, at Cabo Rojo on 10th Ave for Waxpoetics.

At the time, I had just read a collection of Playboy Interviews...I'm a huge fan of them, and I designed the interview around that concept. So, I didn't pull any punches.

Enjoy the interview.

"Deep Cover ", Interview with Cey Adams - Featured in Mass Appeal Magazine, Issue #42, 2006 (Extended Version)

Over a couple of Cokes at Epistrophy Cafe in Nolita and in between West Village pick-up games, I interviewed hip-hop designer and historian, Cey Adams, for Mass Appeal Magazine.

From bombing trains to designing album covers for Def Jam to skateboard decks, Cey Adams has seen all. I had to cut the interview down to size for Mass Appeal. Here's the interview with pic from Mass Appeal. Click here for the extended version. Nice insights.


Outside the Bus with Del The Funkee Homosapien, October 9, 2003, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

I caught up with Del during an October, 2003 stop on Hieroglyphics' "Full Circle" tour in Chapel Hill, NC.

I asked him a few questions about how technology is changing hip-hop, and how technology can push hip-hop forward. I like his responses....Check them out.


'Quick Talk w/ Roy Blount Jr. "About 3 Bricks Shy of a Load" @ NPR's 'Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me', Chapel Hill, North Carolina, 9/16/05

There is no comparable time in sports history than the NFL in the 1970s. And Roy Blount Jr. caught it all while writing his book "About 3 Bricks Shy of a Load" as a writer for Sports Illustrated.

Blount Jr. was in Chapel Hill as a panelist for NPR's 'Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me.". Although he is far better known for his Southern writing classics, I asked him a few questions about his classic NFL book depicting the '74 Pittsburgh Steelers at newly renovated Memorial Hall in Chapel Hill, NC.


'Preserving the Nike Dunk', As seen in 'Sneaker Freaker Magazine', Issue #4, July, 2004

The saddest part of the retro craze is that very few people know any of the history or legends behind the retro gear.

So, I wrote an article about the legends that rocked my all-time favorite shoe.I'd love to hear your thoughts on this piece. I would also love to hear what your favorite shoe is, and why it's special to you.

P.S. Pharrell has designed new colorways for the Nike Dunk....I really would love to see what his 'J' looks like...


"Holding Court @ Upper Playground with Ricky Powell' San Francisco, CA, March 8, 2004

After a sandwich and an'Urban Forage' shake on Haight and Fillmore, I walked into Upper Playground...Who's manning the counter? One of the last tasteful purveyors of cool in this country, hip-hop photographer, Ricky Powell.

Here's an article that I wrote in early March of 2004 about his gallery showing at Upper Playground in San Francisco with Sue Kwon and Dylan Maddox....Using Ricky's words..."Chilly yodels".


'Extra Sauce', Live @ Big Nate's BBQ, San Francisco, CA, March 15, 2004

Alcindor, Reed, Unseld, Chamberlain, and Thurmond...The golden era of the big man in the middle...Nate Thurmond is one of the best rebounders ever to roam the paint in the NBA. If he hadn't played on the West Coast, you have to wonder if Rodman or Malone would be in the same conversation.

On a '02 visit with a good buddy of mine, I greeted Nate with the question 'Who was better?...Unseld or Willis (Reed)? I'm sworn to secrecy with the answer...You think I'm going to stiff Big Nate?


'Going Home' "Live @ West 4th Playground, New York, NY, Tarheel, August 27, 2004

During the summer of '04, my cell phone buzzed with a phone call from former UNC basketball player and New York City High School basketball legend, Brian Reese.

I ended up hanging out in with BReese and his Bronx crew in front of Sauzon Deli and Grocery on Castle and Randall until the late night. I had one of the best roundball and sports discussions about how basketball is progressing in New York City over a few styrofoam cups of cheap spirits and a popsicle or two.

'88 St. Tolentine H.S B-Ball...Ooohh, now that's a squad.



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